Ciesse Piumini

Goose Down

Ciesse Piumini designs and manufactures its garments by using a team of stylists and designers that are able to bring quality, tradition and innovation together through the study of the latest trends.

Ciesse Piumini garments are the result of extreme attention to research and the processing of raw materials, through patented processes that protect against the leakage of feathers, with an additional plus: virgin goose down.

Virgin goose down is a natural product that gives Ciesse Piumini garments optimal benefits and quality.

Since its inception, Ciesse Piumini has controlled the entire production process, from the selection of the base product to washes and subsequent treatment.

Ciesse Piumini only uses 800 Fill Power for its new "super light" collection. It offers the best in terms of heat retention and comfort in down jackets that only weigh 100 grams.

Eco Down

With a vast experience in the processing of virgin goose down, Ciesse Piumini adds its knowledge and know-how in the processing of many other materials, from wool and nylonripstop to Kevlar and Gore-Tex.

By using latest generation fibres, Ciesse Piumini's ECO products provide and guarantee excellent thermal efficiency and top of the line comfort, using up to 90% recycled materials.

Fluffy feathers and the benefits of thermal padding technology.

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